The Bitcoin Perspective : Why You Should Invest.

Bitcoin provides power equilibrium from tyrants to the meek who shall inherit the earth. It is a silent protest creeping in, dissolving the constructs of corrupt politics, money, and rulership over human sovereignty. The unalterable record that is the Bitcoin network will allow wealth to remain in the hands of those that accumulate it properly for centuries. In Bitcoin, the early adopters get rewarded first. As the price increases, the laggers & everyone else pay a delayed ignorance tax. Yet, it shows mercy with periodic dips in price to allow newcomers to redeem themselves.

Bitcoin uses encrypted technology to build the decentralized world we want to live in. It is really about liberation. Suppose I could impart wisdom to my children and grandchildren regarding Bitcoin. There may be a time where acquiring Bitcoin will not be like the days of old. Secure it, and hold it over a long period like an enduring Atlas. Continue to educate yourself. Then depart with it only to pass down to the next generation or only after great strain. Whatever you sell it for must have a significant impact on your quality of life or preserve whatever good is left in the world. If not, don’t.

Human beings have this innate tendency to be remembered for the things they have accumulated throughout life. In the ancient past, they built monoliths and pyramids in remembrance. In the future, it will be a digitized time chain keeping a record of peer-to-peer transactions and data that man will be remembered upon.

Bitcoin will stick around even if the internet shuts down or the threat of nuclear war is imminent. Bitcoin allows your wealth to remain on the blockchain ledger and out of the hands of banks and the bandits that scavenge upon the allure of unsecured riches. Bitcoin is the ultimate sound money in all its linear regression. Many have claimed it to be alien technology or curated by the NSA, even something as far-fetched as being created by a cult.

Bitcoin has no cyanide-laced Kool-Aid; it is a monetary network built on network effect game theory. It’s a network with no leader or leaders. It’s a network that’s entirely inclusive for all. It’s a network that instills trust and love in a community of bitcoiners because it’s a transparent truth machine that allows us to share the same vision. I believe it was created out of the plight of the human condition. It appeared because it was needed to level the playing field after Occupy Wall Street. Bitcoin is a collective checkmate on corruption by multiple software engineers under the mysterious name Satoshi Nakamoto.

Unlike the old currencies, Bitcoin cannot be altered or seized by tyrants that become drunk on the power of money printing. Bitcoin enriches your savings over time. Humans went from giving their best years to family and children to corporations and careers and consider it progress. That is not what progress should look like. Suppose you have parents or grandparents that are not financially secure after toiling away at multiple jobs for decades. Bitcoin is for them, and it’s for you.

There is a saying I have come up with regarding earning money in its current state. Fiat money is like holding sand between closed fists. Once you open them to spend some, it slips through your fingertips, forcing you to have to work harder to regain some more. The manipulation of the stock market, precious metal market, and real estate market will no longer be trusted but verified thanks to Bitcoin. If they even exist at all in the future, Bitcoin will redirect the mentality of profit, gain, and loss in the corrupted fiat system.

When you hand someone a dollar, it can be counterfeit. When you trade gold, it can be fake without proper assaying. When you send Bitcoin to a wallet, it has to be authentic. If it’s not, it just won’t work, and the receiver will know immediately they didn’t get paid in legitimate currency. It’s a purely trustless system, thanks to Proof of work. Bitcoin is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it is a not get-poor, slowly overtime scheme.

There will be many so-called Bitcoin kryptonite solutions in the future. Some will be packaged in Proof of stake protocols or NFT’s and even some new snazzy decentralized coin all the teeny boppers are raving about. They are mainly distractions designed to siphon your investment dollars away from Bitcoin. Every year there is a new project claiming to be the next Bitcoin but why are they trying to be second best? If you can’t beat em join em. Bitcoin will not capitulate.

Nations are adopting Bitcoin as legal tender. Bitcoin is collectively mined, the rewards are divided among everyone who participates. No changes can be made unless there’s a consensus, the code is open source, the blockchain ledger is entirely transparent, and everyone has an equal vote. This is what separates Bitcoin from the pack, the Alpha. Once any intelligent, open-minded investor looks at what this thing called Bitcoin represents, they will have a hard time not being enamored with all its possibilities.

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Dawdu M. Amantanah is a technical writer and contributing editor for Bitcoin Magazine , BlackBitcoinBillionaire and Senior Editor for Satoshi’s Journal. He is passionate about cryptocurrency, economics, radical entrepreneurship, and whatever else he finds attractive at the time.



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