Stacking Sats is the New Black Bitcoin Article Collection

This collection is here to help you find what you’re looking for from what I’ve authored. I have written an ongoing collection of articles about Bitcoin and Black Adoption and have organized them here for readers. Bitcoin is the alternative to our current banking system, which benefits few at the cost of many. Stacking Sats is the New Black is a five-issue series of articles that gives an unorthodox perspective on the African American social condition while adopting Bitcoin. This asset can reverse the economic trauma people of color have endured under the fiat system. Generational wealth is of extreme importance but it must be documented with standard operating procedures. Bitcoin may be the first technology of its kind to make that achievable for the most disenfranchised. Each issue requires under 10 minutes of reading for immediate intellectual consumption in an ever-changing busy world.

Note: The financial advice in this article is purely informational. Please seek the assistance of a financial professional before making any financial decisions.

  1. Building Black Generational Wealth with Bitcoin: What does generational wealth look like for African Americans? Bitcoin is emerging as the best asset people of color can own going into the digital age. This article points out how the American Dream can be a nightmare for some disenfranchised groups, yet crypto inclusion is causing a boom in entrepreneurship. Low-time preference promotes the benefits of delayed gratification. Bitcoin is often described as rewarding those who demonstrate that quality.



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