Benefits of Running a Bitcoin Node and Financial Privacy

2 min readFeb 27

I currently am working and building a podcast entitled The Bitcoin Source: A Bitcoin Conversation. In this one-of-a-kind podcast, I explore all aspects of investing in Bitcoin with some diverse extraordinary minds from developers, investors, entrepreneurs, politicians, and authors exploring this new technology — from simple ‘solo sessions’ for newcomers straight through to cutting-edge technical conversation for pros.

I recently spoke with William Schoellkopf, author of “The Bitcoin Dog: Following The Scent To The Bitcoin C++ Source Code.” We discussed the intricate details of running a Bitcoin node, why running a node secures your financial privacy, and what about the Bitcoin ecosystem inspired his book. Here is the full interview if anyone is interested.

What is a Node?

On The Bitcoin Source, William starts by defining a Bitcoin node. He explains that a node is simply a system connecting to other bitcoin nodes to create an interconnected secure network. This network allows transactions to be transmitted from one node to another to reach their final destination. In essence, nodes are vital for keeping the blockchain secure because they ensure that all participants have access to up-to-date information regarding the state of the network.

The Benefits of Running a Node

William then discusses why users must run their nodes. He explains that when you run your node, you are not relying on third-party services to validate your transactions or access blockchain data. This means that you can be sure of your transactions’ security and accuracy while protecting your financial privacy since no third parties have access to your data or funds. I recommended that the audience do their research, and Bitcoin nodes should be ubiquitous in every household, just like internet routers are. Once people realize they can secure their money from the comforts of their own homes, then the lightbulb will hopefully go off about the node ownership.

In conclusion, William provides valuable insight into why one should consider running a bitcoin node and what elements are necessary for doing so successfully. His unique perspective on this topic comes from his experience as a software engineer and author of The Bitcoin Dog: Following The Scent To The Bitcoin C++ Source Code, which explores different aspects of bitcoin and its underlying source code. If you’re looking for more information on this topic, then be sure to check out his book and the full episode below! With these key insights from William Schoellkopf, hopefully, you have all the tools necessary to understand why running a bitcoin node can be beneficial and essential for safeguarding your financial privacy online today!


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