Hey! My name is Dawdu. Three years ago I started writing on Medium. I got interested in Bitcoin in 2017 and never looked back. Writing or, better yet, being able to articulate and elucidate your story, expressed opinion, or argument is something that should make you happy. The kicker is writing isn't about money, fame, or making friends. It is about enriching the lives of those hungry for knowledge and using writing as a tool to enhance the writer's mental and spiritual aptitude. Reading and writing high quality material helps to educate audiences, promote best practices and bring about Bitcoin adoption faster. Due to this, I've fallen down the rabbit hole and plan to write my way out. I am currently an article contributor for , and Senior Editor for .

Here are my three core beliefs:

- The world would be a better place if everyone understood Bitcoin's benefit to scoiety.

- Writers should be able to make a living by writing about what they love.

- There is an unlimited audience for your writing, no matter what you write about. You just have to find it.

Almost everything I create is aligned to make those beliefs a reality. (I write about Bitcoin and how it is changing humanity a whole lot!)

1. You can check out my . If you are interested in Bitcoin, I interview and converse with everyday people in the world of Bitcoin from developers to investors, entrepreneurs, educators to authors.

Hope you enjoy my journey as a writer!!

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Dawdu is an entrepreneur, podcaster, writer, and passionate Bitcoiner. His articles have been read by thousands of people online.